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    Hi all


    I’ve played vanilla so far to get all the Achievement. While playing hard mode in the USA I realised that the two Trucks “Peterbild 359” and “Freightliner Cascadia” have the same price (273000) and the same maintenance (62400), altough the second one is faster (100 instead of 90), can store more¬† (21 instead of 18) and has also more power per ton (16 instead of 15). This should be changed. The Cascadia must be more expensive.


    Also misbalanced is the “Roter Pfeil”. Let’s say I want to transport 30 Passengers per trip. I have to buy two of them:

    900’000 Price, 640000 Maintenance

    If I do the same with the “Re 4/4” and two “BC 4”, I can transport even 36 Passengers, but at what conditions:

    1164’000 Price, 635000 Maintenance

    Problem of this difference: I get hardly the “Roter Pfeil” to make profit. Taking a wagon instead of a second “Pfeil” is cheaper but has the problem, that it accelerates very slowly and looks ugly.


    The game isn’t balanced at all in general.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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