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    I’ve just started a new game using the Nordic DLC.   (I like to play on large maps with hilly terrain, starting in 1850.)  The landscape and new sky are both beautiful, the gentle green is far better than the original game’s vivid green.

    Problem occurred when I built my first railway line!  the only loco available is the tiny Forstingen steam loco with a max speed of only 9 mph (14.5 kph)!!!  Surely this is joke, it’s no faster than horse tram?  Trains were far faster than that in 1850, the ‘Rocket’ on the Liverpool & Manchester Railway could comfortably exceed 30 mph in 1832.


    The DLC isn’t complete yet, and it’s being made on the spare time of those who contribute their mods to the DLC.

    Little or no information may be available for trains that early, that fit the scenario of being used in the Nordic countries, thus there’s only one choice right now. This will hopefully change in the future. When? I don’t know. I’m not the one making the steam engines.

    I understand it’s frustrating, but at the same time; one mod take tens of hours to make. Those who make the mods will obviously make whatever they feel like doing, with whatever information they have access to.


    I’m sorry I did not realize that the Nordic DLC is still a work in progress.

    I’ve solved the problem by importing the Norris 4-2-0 mod from  The rocket that I referred to is also available there to download.

    Sadly there seems to very little interest in early trains from 1850-1890 by the modding community.


    1869 – Free locos?

    I’ve just reached 1869 in the Nordic game game and found something that needs fixing in the next version.

    The buying price and the running costs for the third steam loco (DSB Litra B) is ridiculously low; £100 to buy and £10/year running costs.  [For comparison the second steam loco (SJ Litta B) cost £250K to buy and £160K to run!]

    I’m sure someone has already spotted this, but it does need fixing.


    I’ve found another strange feature of the Nordic DLC.  Earthworks (cuttings, embankments etc.) are rendered in a dull grey colour, not grass green as one would expect.

    Just why anyone would want grey earthworks is beyond my understanding, they are both horrible and unrealistic.  The good news is that you can remove this feature by simply removing (or renaming) the ‘shaders’ folder in the DLC’s ‘res’ file.

    The file can be found in your folder (Windows): C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Train Fever\dlcs\nordic_1\res


    I don’t see what you mean. If you mean the rock where the terrain is steep, I find  it very clsoe to reality.


    Your pictures completely miss my point.  I referring to to cuttings and embankment created when we create a railway line (or road), not the natural environment.

    You can see these clearly on a picture I posted on

    The creators of the Nordic DLC say that this is a deliberate ‘feature’.  Decide for yourself if you like it, if you do that’s great, if you don’t I’m showing a solution.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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