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    I just bought Train Fever today.

    I was very disappointed when I realized that the game crashed EVERYTIME I tried to start a new game. My computer should be able to play this game, and my graphics is more than enough. I restarted my computer several times, but nothing seems too work. As soon as I have chosen how my new game should be and want to move on to the game – it craches. I’ve tried to set the graphics in the game at low – but that doesn’t work at all!!!

    Please help – because otherwise I’ve just the cat in the bag 🙁

    I feel like I’ve just wasted 24,99 Euro – And if this doesn’t get solved quite quickly I’m never gonna buy anything from this company again… and my recommandations are gonna show how disappointing this “game” is.

    NB! I’ve read your section about common issus with the game – Didn’t help! 🙁


    Could you post some information about your computer, cpu, gpu, driver and what operating system do you have?

    Have you bought the Steam version? If so, could you post your steam profile link, so we can have a look if we find any crash_dumps. 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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