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    I’m very upset not one  word from  game  expo in germany it started on the 8/13/2014 since I do not live in germany I can not go or see the beta version of the game , our game show was  E3 and it was in june  they where not even here to show the game  because I went  and I went looking for them so I could see the updated  version of the game . they did not come biggest gaming show in the usa  they did not even come

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    lucky you
    there is ppl who can´t go to E3 or  game  expo or basely anything else like minecon,next episode of Doctor who on big screen and stuff like that + stuff dont get released at the country they live in (like Super mario RPG in europa)

    so dont be a bitch about it

    and since i guess you are from US you should really not be a bitch about it since you got basely anything like comic con,DBZ movie in the threaters,Demos of Nintendo games early at best buy the last 2 year at same time as e3 and  all the stuff i just said above and possible alot more

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    I’m not here to say who’s a bitch and who’s not, but it’s rather rude either way to tell others they are.

    Maetel, I don’t recall them saying they were going to E3, thus you jumped to conclusions when you went there. I hope you had a good time looking at other games and events though.

    The developer of this game is a small team and are based in Europe, even Germany if I’m not mistaken. So the fact that they go to a huge venue in their own country instead of E3 to show off their first game doesn’t strike me as a bad or weird move at all.

    It’s less than a month to release. We’ve waited for ever for a game like this. I’m sure we can wait a a few weeks more.


    In fact, the Team is based in Switzerland.


    As far as I know, they’re located somewhere near the German-Swiss-Border but in any case they’re from the Germanspeaking-Part of Switzerland, hence why the first YouTubers, who get material, are germanspeaking ones.

    The Team consists of small newcomers, they’re not f*cking EA with shitloads of money.
    I bet even that one single little stand on gamescom ate up a huge part of their PR budget.
    So don’t expect them to come cross over the ocean for E3 that soon, except Train Fever becomes the next WoW, according to sale numbers and they develop other games to make money.


    They are based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland in ofice nearby train station:)


    Some coverage from GamesCon would be nice, hopefully there will be some article. Yes the werents at E3, so what? not everyone can or want to go to E3.


    It’s probably not like they’re going to reveal anything new there anyway.

    I guess that if you watch all the videos they’ve posted, you’ll have plenty of insight in how the game will work, even if your German isn’t good.


    The release date is 5th Sept., that’s in less than a month, so just wait…


    now olahaldor they went last  year to E3  and  I will wait for the game


    My mistake. I didn’t know what. They haven’t said anything about E3 on their website at all, only GamesCom have been mentioned for these type of events.

    However, I’m sure things are developing in a good pace and the beta players do what they’re supposed to do, and the game will be out on time September 5


    I highly doubt they went there last year. Sources?

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