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    Somebody else posted their tall bridge used to get the Glacier achievement, but I can’t find their thread at the moment, so please excuse my creating another one.

    This is a medium world with flat terrain. My first attempt just went across the map but didn’t get high enough.

    For attempt two, I took advantage of a few small hills along one side of the map to lower construction costs and thereby let me extend the line up longer before returning to earth.

    (larger image here:

    Didn’t even have to go all the way up to get the cheevie! 😉

    Construction cost: 1.32 billion.


    Hahaha cool!


    Looks ridiculous 🙂


    Heh, I agree, it’s both cool and ridiculous!

    The folks living nearby don’t seem to notice that there’s an incredibly huge bridge just outside their town. Life goes on…


    It reminds me the railroad I once placed outside the map. Passangers weren’t impressed, business as usual, although it did make the game really laggy. :p


    Edit: btw I had to check, apparently I achieved this on 11th, didn’t even know about it. It was just some regular map, probably hilly or something because I didn’t make anything remotely as weird as yours. :p

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    that is a very impressive construction. Probably a little overkill, but anything for the fun! 😉

    I find it a pity that there is no point in building a railroad high into the mountains in Train Fever. All villages are laying in the valleys, even industry is mostly found at lower altitudes. It would be interesting to have mountain hamlets, ski stations or other goals to get the rail up to connect them. But I’ll construct my own roller coaster track up the hill, with the only goal to search for the Glacier Express achievement, although I don’t understand the presence of that achievement within the current game concept.


    And this is my humble attempt to reach for the Glacier Express achievement. 😉


    Looks awesome!


    Nice route you constructed Yeol, and you’re right, it would be great if there were a resort of some type up there, at least so passengers could get out and enjoy the crisp mountain air!


    The easiest way to get that achievment is to build a helix-shaped tunnel inside a mountain. Tunnels are ridiculously cheap in TF: I’ve spent about 10 million fore the whole line.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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