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    Hi devs!

    Can you please add One way roads? And avenues?

    Maybe you can add an editor so people can add their own roads which can be used for building etc?

    Hope for answers!

    Best Regards,


    This is important. The cities becomes so big and the whole traffic system gets stuck. I hope for additions from a team that have made one of the best games ever. One way roads, highways, ramps, traffic lights, avenues… and its perfect! 🙂



    Its something that I would like to see in this game. Avenues! Please.. 🙂 if not you, someone else


    I second third and fourth this idea! Also the ability to define ‘No build areas’ to stop the AI from adding roads to make the traffic gridlock even worse. At the moment the only way I’ve found to do this is use a piece or rail or a depot, looks very untidy.

    T o cheer myself up I’ve added more drive sounds for when you click on a gridlocked car, no more just ‘”Huh”, but a sneeze, a burp a fart etc.. At least It stops me tearing too much hair out.



    Or somehow make the tram tracks more adjustable. For instance. The big roads with 4 lanes. The middle part, could be adjusted for Tram-Only paths. There should also be roads with buslanes in the middle of the 4 lane roads also.

    I can for free design them and help you with this! I love creating graphics.

    Any comment on this?



    There was a mod for 6 lane avenues, although I have never tried it.. I think it requires a new game and not using a save. It might not be that stable, but here is the link anyway

    Even so, would be nice for some more official road types as mentioned above.

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    Thanks for the tip.

    This is critical.. Even in smaller cities here in Norway we have one way roads and most of cities in Norway is between 3000 and 30000 in size.

    Please add One way roads and Avenues! This is missing… Also what about parking places for cars? Outside of shopping centers etc,.. the cars should have a place to park.

    Also there should be train stations with parking. Maybe under the station or on the longside. This could help traffic also.

    Many ideas.. ! But these are essential I think.


    I wish that some of the devs could answer this. What is your plans for improving the game? Are you even thinking of Avenues or One Way roads?



    We have not decided yet if we’re going to add one-way streets or avenues. It sounds interesting but is currently not planned. 


    I urge you to impement it. It will make the cities breath a lot more Mikael. Especially from 1960s, when cars takes over the streets. This is very important city evolution.

    All cities in Eastern Europe have these Avenues, because TRAM is reffered to be a fast transport system. It was built so that workers got fast to work during communism.

    When it comes to One Way roads. Just think of how New York would look without them? Or London? Or even Oslo, where I live. Its a important thing to implement if you want the history to be correct.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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