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    I am quite happy that team like you are tring to fill the gap on the market for transport games. The game you have produced by such micro-team is outstanding. However there is a lot of issues, unfinished thinks. Today internet and digital distribution allows such amazing think, like immediate distribution all around the word. Use beta versions on steam, gather feedback, make questionnaires, make dev diary video. All these “side” things do not add a single line of code to the game and consume time, right. But all of these gather attention, gather ideas, gather knowledge what is considered by your customers as important. Also you could present your plans then gather feedback and implement only those who had “Wow echo”.

    In my last job, I was changing internal company application, together with my boss. This guy is a genius-like his changes worked, but users tend to jump out of the window at the moment they see the interface. So after the first release, I have to soften it, redo and add a guide for regular humans.

    Well. make long story short, your update “the main connection” is an issue. People like the game as sandbox. For most humans is difficult to make simple bus line in the game. Building, new tracks, bridges, tunnels is pain at the moment due to a raw user interface, missing guides, missing help and missing soft tool. What I mean? I build a track, so game tells there are 3 Billings in the way and a bridge pillar. Great, but I want build a track this way, I am the boss of the company, I want you my game do it. So instead of error message there should be an info – There are 3 buildings – bulldozing 4,5M; There is a bridge pillar – rebuild 450k – press button to do if it. Those feature makes game play smooth, give the feeling of controlling thing. Give options for make decisions. Do not bully users like – Shiny new Electric engine has no path – there a 1/2 meter missing on your 50km track but I dont tell you. Focus on the things which improve the quality of live of the game. Those thinks are required, for those thinks users are wiling to pay. Along with new steam engines, better performance, configurable performance, multiplayer, software stability and so on, … .

    Every feature find his position in the ToDo list. Before the patch the  game was hard to use for mortal-humans add an unwanted “main connection” feature in the patch made it even more annoying – Is it a suicide strategy? I seriously recommend you to remove it ASAP by a ninja fix. Otherwise you loose all those who receive Train fever on x mass, and possibly all those who has no early map saves without this feature.  I have found an info on steam that you KNOW it doesnt work, but you will work to improve it. No kidding, really? You have intended to introduce a feature which disable use the game? Even the feature works as intended, is unwanted by most of your users. Do believe its grate? Introduce it as an Ironman DLC together with online saves, engine breaks and new set of achievements. True is that this will not sell, not at the current game status, not in next 12 months.

    There were an improvement “depot doors” – no one noticed, no one care. Maby 3 nitpick guys who cares, noticed that floor in the depo is grass, and train comes from a wormhole located on the back wall. Well if your 3D modeler spent his time on the passenger wagon alternatives instead, you could get a wow echo . I seriously recommend you start better communicate with your users, make dev blog, make questionnaire what should be implement first, make questionnaire what should be improved first. Let your customers decide what they want to pay you. I can guarantee that an “Paradox Interactive-like” DLC – Crossroads-  for 2Eur – contains diamond double cross, double track switch, road over track cross, hanging bridge with fewer pillar – would hit the market and make the Wow effect for you.

    Guys I wish I would help you in the effort. I hope you get back on the track.




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    Let me add something.

    Please give us option to vote about what we want to see in the next patch.

    At least let us choose between a few options. Because I think noone would give a single vote for new “depot doors” when there are so many more essential flaws and missing feature that need to be addressed.

    Thank you!


    You sir deserve my like. Signed. But I guess the devs will ignore it. They just don’t confess that they are not able to fulfill our requests.


    Here bloody here!

    Couldn’t agree more, Urban Games, ignore letters like this at your peril otherwise you will sink fast. Remember, in the big scheme of things (ie, the internet games arena) train enthusiasts are very much a niche market and you probably already have a great percentage of them either playing the game or certainly, reading about it already. If you want Train Fever to go on to be a long term success and even be popular enough to warrant development of ‘TF2’ then you HAVE to fix this thing NOW. Otherwise, this time next year, we’ll all be playing something else and be referring to TF in other forums in the past tense. Be warned.

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    They could at least respond in the forums, but they just ignore the people. At least write something like “You ain’t never gonna see that in the game!” That way we know you bothered to read our suggestions. You give us depot doors when we actually want the game to not freeze each month when it renders the stupid red text showing us the expenditures. Please, don’t break the game more than it already is.

    PS: Look into OTTD signaling and see what you should have done.


    Not signed.

    It’s a game.  Play it.
    Is it perfect?  Not by a long shot.  Improvements?  Sure.  But what game doesn’t need improvements?

    No one said it’s a ‘sandbox’ game- read the overview on the main page.  It’s a ‘simulation’.  You can’t do whatever you want.  If there’s 3 buildings in the way of where you want to build a track  then it’s your job to decide on an alternative route… or decide to destroy the buildings yourself.   If you messed up and all the track sections don’t connect, then it’s your job to fix it.  It’s not the game’s job to provide you with options- it’s your job to come up with options that work.

    You may think the game is “hard to use for mortal-humans”, and I agree it is challenging, but not near as hard as some railroad/transportation simulations are!

    Martin Mulder



    I don’t think we are being ignored at all.  I believe that the developers are listening to our comments and making improvements.

    I agree that the road building restrictions don’t appeal to me at all.  I want to build my track right through buildings and roads and stuff.  Automatic demolition and the ability for the town to rebuild the roads and building would be more desirable.

    The depot doors?  Well it’s not the most important improvement especially when we badly need new track configurations (like level “X” track crossings) and new signals.  But improved animation makes the game look more modern.  I like the new gated road crossing and open hopper and stake car animations.  I would really like to see the industries come alive and do some fun things.  They are very beta looking.

    But I think they are listening and working to make this game even better.  The best example is the new vehicle replacement feature which has really changed the game for me.

    I’m sure there is more progress coming.  I find the game more fun to play after each update. 





    Firstly there was no need to restrict the user to buldoze mainline. The game usability is not strong enough for this restriction. The feature is only suitable if the following features are availablej

    – many times there are railway crossings near cities that u want to upgrade to road bridges or tunnels. Devs should  provide a function to upgrade the road out their to bridges,.

    -U create a bypass to avoid traffic in cities, but a feature to customize road routes is required first

    – Cities should be able to plan well, sometimes blocks are too large holding few buildings and a large unused gap in the middle.

    And for the doors, its ok, as it is a little eye candy feature and i dont think so that devs spent hours on this feature.

    I wish there was a sticky thread or something that users should use to post suggestions, as many times I have posted suggestions which went completely unnoticed. Like

    -Pedestrains using underground crossings for busy streets instead of zebra crossings

    -Deposts with opening on both sides



    Oh, I really like that depot idea.  You could place a depot parallel to the tracks and trains could access it from either side.  No more “can’t find path to depot” problems.




    I really love the game already and started making mods for it. Main connection feature don’t stop me playing the game or stop doing mods but as for me this breaks the experience. I know the game was not meant to be a sandbox but that’s how I like to play it. People like different things, some like challenge and some just like to build massive networks without any limits. Main connection should be possible to turn off instead it being permanent and give no control to change it by player.




    This main connection … pfff. When laying down a railway passing a street, you used to have this problem with segments. A workaround was removing the segments, put back the road in one segment and continue with the railway. And now … I have quit the game and will wait for another patch, or stop forever if it stays.

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    WoW thanks…some Merry Christmas gift, they shut down the game 🙁

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