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    Having a problem when trying to run the game on my laptop. From searching it seems that the game requires OGL 3.2. This is a HP DV7 laptop with switchable intel HD3000 (i7 sandy bridge 2630QM) and amd 6770m graphics. The AMD card is forced on in the bios of the machine and always runs (switching is disabled) and supports higher than OpenGL 3.2. All other opengl and dx games play fine on this machine and start and run on the amd card which is set as the default (I haven’t used the intel card in this laptop for a couple of years)

    For some reason I think train fever is looking at my intel card’s drivers when it starts up (which only supports 3.1), even though it is not the primary card and is forced off. The OpenGL extentions veiwer 4.1 only lists my intel card in the drop down box, but I can assure that it is not running as all my other games indicate they are running on the AMD card, even my color management suite is indicating it is running with the amd chip while on the desktop. Running GPU-Z, it also comes up with my Radeon as the default.



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