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    Browsing the forums there are so many suggestions for TF improvements that if
    all were implemented it would be a different product. Most (99%) of the ideas
    are good logical ones but, there are a few which to me seem to verge on the esoteric
    or impossible.

    Anyway, just so I don’t feel left out here is my (partial) list of desirable and essential
    additions to TF, based on my own warped view of reality of course.


    (1) Haven’t seen any ‘Pennyfarthing’ bicycles in the early game years.
    (2) Carparks at railway stations complete with wheel clampers for non-payment
    (3) Not a motorbike in sight, where are they? Good way to reduce or beat the gridlock.
    (4) 22nd century, not a hovercar in sight.
    (5) No way of building airports for my hypersonic private jet.
    (6) Monorails and Maglevs.
    (7) Transporter beams so Scotty can move passengers from city to city in an instant.
    (8) Shuttle service to ‘Moon base Alpha’
    (9) X-37B orbital test vehicles


    Of course if the development team insist on giving me the above and demand to
    work over the weekend to complete the list then, who am I to protest?



    If the Dev’s do not implement this by the end of the month, I will be one unhappy customer!
    In all seriousness though, even though 1/2 the suggestions will not make it into TF it doesn’t mean the dev’s cant take inspiration from some for the next TF… TF2 😀

    People wanting more is a good thing 🙂


    Well the devs said they wanted to improve the textures ……



    I also have another wish, that I could buy land without building anything on it. I dont like AI to build houses that costs millions to tear down just because you could not stop them.

    I put some pieces if track there instead to try control the automatic building.



    @Maj_Solo Where did you get that information about the textures? I havn’t seen that anywhere.

    Yeah, Buying land for future expansions would be really great.


    I’ll tell you what, if they are talking about TF2 more often, get ready for a major upset with TF1. If they feel that they can get away with selling us such a shit game once, why not try it twice, right. Well, they won’t get my money if they don’t fix this version first. I’m not rich and don’t like throwing my money out the window just so a new game company can raise more money to rip others off with a piss poor game that they sell as a full working game. Personally, I think these devs should get their asses beat for selling us a game in such piss poor condition. It certainly wasn’t worth the $35.00 I payed for it. I’ll give them the benefit of doubt for now but if they start talking of TF2 more often, I’m gonna raise some hell about it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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