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    WTF is wrong with trains in this game ..  I have 4 towns with stations linked by rail … will any of the towns people use the railway  .. noWhy? Bug I expect.

    This game still sux. You can’t get enough money income to run the railway. the basic monetry system in this game is broken.

    Just like when you place a yard by a industry then it remains dormant .. zero production etc .. Fix the damn bugs will you devs..

    Forget adding new content till you’ve fixed the basic stuff.


    I think my towns folk must be hermits or something.


    OOOOR maybe you’re just building crap? I’m not experiencing any of those problems. Post screenshots.

    The RedKing

    – Industries will only produce, when there is a demand.

    – Demand is created by adding a line between a goods producing industry and a town.

    – only then the industry will create a demand by itself for raw materials

    – Make sure you feed this industry with these materials.

    – Industries will produce more if you transport the goods to multiple towns.

    For the passengers, be sure to:

    – Create some type of means for people to get to the station (by placing a busstop at your station, running from residential areas)

    – Make sure there is something to go to in the town (by creating a busline from the station to industry-, leisure- or Comercial areas).

    – Let the line(s) run for a while, like 2 to 3 years

    The game is all about creating complete chains.


    Ist not simple but i will try to expalin it as good as possible………….

    Passenger and Train yeah that sux……for example one Station in 1 twon connected to all other towns with pasenger hopping from line to line to to reach another town works fine for me. Traffic no reason without busses and Trams because there are no Trams or Busses needed.

    If you like to see the twon grow faster you can use a small tram line with up to 6 stations per town thats more then enough because the People going a Long distance. Sending goods to a town will also be good to let the twons gro up faster but the traffic ……..always the traffic … damm i hate it 🙂 .Trains for goods is so fuckling bad. My Trains getting positive income so late when production of factorys are high enough. 1 Factory for 2 towns works great for me. With max production 400.

    Passenger and Busses/Trams thats a bit different….. for example 1 Twon with 4 Stations spreaded around the City works great to me. The Busses driving to nxt town with also 4 Stations. Great income……..Traffic is a big Problem because sooner or later the whole Traffic got jammed and stands still……. Solution upgrading all streets to Maximum size with bus /tram line……….. ist so fucking bad programmed that the damm cars always blocking the bigger stations………

    Waiting for a patch because traffic and lag will kill every game sooner or later 🙂

    greetings Markus



    I don’t have problems with passanger trains. I have six towns connecting together with three-rail track. It’s year 1940 and this line is operated by six trains with capacity 72 passangers. There is about 100 people waiting in each station, intervals between trains is about 6 minutes. This makes profit about 8 millions per year. I’m also prepared for future express trains with middle line. All stations are prepared for expansion to other towns.

    I’m not using busses, trams, or cargo trains yet.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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