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    I find that towards the latter stages of the game, my trains are taking too long to load/unload at stations. The unloading time should really be set to a certain number of seconds depending on the type of coach (i.e. more doors per coach = quicker unloading). Does anyone have any thoughts if its possible to mod?


    agreed, also cars should start loading while they are unloading as in real life


    as far as I know real life, pessengers unload first :)where have you seen the opposite?


    In the late game, the unloading and loading take more time than the frequency upon which you like to operate the line. Unloading and loading can take up more then 60 seconds. The frequency of the line is dropping because of that.

    Secondly, the load and unload time are presumably not in the equation of the travel time simulator. The 20-minute rule is not taking in account all loading and unloading times lost during all stops between start and arrival. People jump off the train because they did not arrive in time at their destination. Or, they decided to take the wrong (slow) route because they did not see the time lost during all stops on the slow route.


    the game should indeed speed up unloading / loading of passengers because now 2 doors or 10 doors doesn’t influence the time needed for unloading / loading

    in the netherlands passengers wait on the platforms till all passengers who want out have gotten out and then they start boarding the train.

    @RickD when at 1 “door A” no passengers come out anymore at “door A” passengers can start entering the train while at the same time at “door B” still passengers come out


    Furthermore, the Prussian wagons with lots of doors (they were designed that way to allow fast changing of passengers) load exactly as fast as any other wagon 🙁


    Generally boarding passengers do wait for passengers to light first, but if passengers are getting off at door A and not at door B, then passengers waiting at Door B will start to board. Im not saying that every door should be tracked, just that the loading times should be sped up a bit, possibly depending on how many doors a car has, to reflect this


    Yeah, keep it simple and assign each coach a rating and add them all up and store the total when you add or remove coaches to the train… use that for the increment when loading or unloading until you hit maximum or zero, depending on which way you’re going. You’d only need to change the number when at the depot, so it’s not like it’d add any more maths to the situation, after all… you’d just need to include checks at either end to prevent weirdness.

    I think we’d all be happy with a simplified, abstract system – after all, passengers getting off will, if the doors are fully filled, move to the next car if theirs are not, so it does make sense.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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