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    First of all, thanks for this amazing game!

    So probably I found some bug, because I saw that sometime some small count of passengers (1 or 2 or 3) are disappear from train when train is on the way and running between stations.
    It’s doesn’t matter which type of train you use for.
    It can be seen when you normally see overview window of some train.

    Does somebody see the same as I or I’m alone with this ? :o)


    Yeah, 2 or 3 passengers seem to jump off in the middle, there probably fed up of not having waypoints, in the game


    Big Elk

    probably not passenger suicidal tendencies or way point frustrations. when a passengers 20 minute trip time expires, they abort their travel plans.  possible causes of exceeding the 20 minute travel limit are stuff like a long wait time to board your train or a train delay along it’s route. could of even been a longer than expected wait to board the bus/tram before he reached his train departure station. not really a bug, it’s a travel time limit issue.




    yeah i am pretty sure it has to do with the 20 min rule. After that time citizen disappear ( doesnt matter where they are). Traffic isnt calculated beforehand, therefor if passenger have to wait longer than the frequency estimates they will sooner or later dissappear .



    I’m not sure it has anything to do with the 20 min rule, and has been happening for a while, lets say over the last 2 patches it has been the same. I started a new map today and had trains running every 8 mins with a passenger max of 42. At a station I would get 42/42 passengers by the middle of the track, I was down to 36/42 passengers. They keep jumping off for some reason, or losing count.

    As said this has been going on for a while but I’ve not long signed up to these forums to make a post about it.



    i have seen in scenario with train  Factory-Forest1-Factory-Forest2 that some wood left in train or was loaded in factory while heading to Forest2 then few woods disapeared after returning with ‘mixed’ wood not sure about 20minutes too becouse it was too close.

    passangers jumping off from train A-B-A-C-B-A – they should not board at A if they want to C but next station will be B, they should wait for another vehicle routing to C or go by own 🙂


    That was happening long before last 2 patches.

    Another sign that TF citizens are north koreans. They rather kill themselves than arrive late at work. 20 minutes rule!


    All hail the 20 minute rule! I have this happening to both passengers and cargo. Kinda sucks as the trains tend to be full on departure.


    I agree, they decided to go on the train, so they have to pay. They can abandon their journey after the ride, but jumping from a running train is nonsense.

    By the way, I’ve seen numerous times large number of people walking (as by foot) the full distance from one city to another. Are those the guys that abandonned their trip, and walk back home? I never followed them, nor do I know where they are coming from. (maybe from a bulldozed station, so they decides to go home by foot?)


    Nice comments folks 🙂


    @Yeol: I never saw people walking on the “highways”. I will try to observe, but for me is hard since most of my connection between cities are demolished. Not my fault that when you make a train tracks is impossible to make a road on top of it. And bridges are a pain in the ***.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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