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    I am deeply concerned.  My 1853 departs station A with a full load of 42 passengers.  It reaches its destination with 40 passengers.  What has happened to the 2 missing travelers?  Have they died from smoke inhalation?  Maybe the trip was too long and they flung themselves from the caboose.  Or did they just leap off to avoid paying their fare?

    I am sure there should be some kind of inquiry.  Perhaps I should call Hercule Poirot, after all he solved the mystery of the Murder on the Orient Express.


    ROFL, great post. I too deeply ponder on this point from time to time. My favorite are the train stowaways.


    Maybe they jumped off to avoid paying the fare.


    Once they leave their current location (home, work, leisure, industry etc.) to embark on their journey they have 20 minutes until they self implode. So if that time is up while they are on a train then ‘poof’… gone forever (or maybe just back to their original home, I asked this question in another thread this morning)


    If they see that their journey will be longer than 20 minutes, they kill themselves in the train toilet, because of the stress of being late to work… Been there.


    They also disappear if their house gets bulldozed to make way for new buildings in their home town.


    If you think losing 2 is bad try losing half or more.

    I had trains start with 46 passengers and arrive with 20.

    Its a known issue though, but really frustrating if you are struggling to make a profit.


    Bansheedragon: Transportation is dirty business. Imagine how much money you have to pay to mafia janitors, to clean train with 26 dead bodies..


    Yep, just noticed this today, 3 pax decided to jump off one of my high speed trains, it left a station full and arrived at the next one with 3 fewer pax.


    Maybe the income should come when the passengers get on the bus/train/tram, not when they get off. That’s how it works in the real world. That way if you lose a few along the way, no big deal.


    I think the problem with that is what happens if the train does not complete the journey, for example you send it to a depot and scrap it or you switch it to a different line?

    Although thinking about it, it would be more realistic if when you clicked the “send to depot” button, the train would carry on to it’s next station, unload all pax and then go to nearest depot.

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    The agent’s path is calculated the moment it is created. If the agent can make the relevant trip within the 20 minute time limit, it proceeds. I’m assuming the path is recalculated over the course of the journey and if it is found to exceed the limit, the agent is removed (due to “unforeseen” complications be it to user action or otherwise). Same thing happens if the point of origin (or destination) is removed. Again, the same applies if the POD and POO are redeveloped by the AI.

    All this is based purely on my observation. It would behoove the developers to take their finger out and write a sticky on agent behaviour since that is the basis for the whole economy ffs.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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