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    I have some questions on the timing of paths.

    Firstly, does line timing include average waiting time, or is it just average travel time?  Douglas’ excellent interactive guide says that the ‘waiting at stations for a vehicle is part of the travel time’.  So – if the Lines window says 3 minutes, does that then include the waiting time?

    Secondly, do the individuals consider the ‘average’ waiting/travel time or the ‘actual’ waiting/travel time for a line?

    For example, sometimes trams bunch up.  So, although the average time for the line might be 3 minutes, the actual time might be really long if all 4 trams on a line turn up at once – it can take ages (12 minutes?) for them all to turn up again.  I’m assuming that only average time is considered, even though an individuals actual travel might take more than 20 minutes?

    So a related question is:  If I run a bus in a circle line around my town and past my train station, should I set up a circle line in the opposite direction also?  If an individual wants to go to a particular part of town, it might be quicker for them to go the other way?  This could get annoying though, having to set up double lines in every town…   Any suggestions welcome.



    I’ve wondered the same thing about the tram line loops!  That would be very helpful to know. I try to create three tram lines in my cities, a north-south line, an east-west line that connect in the middle and a looping line that connects to my cross lines on the ends like this: (+) So hopefully everyone gets to where they’re going.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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