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    I have some memory issues in Windows 7 64 Bit.

    When I load my savegame I can play approximately 30 minutes (relative smoothly)- than it start to stop for a few seconds… after a while it runs smoothly for a few seconds – than it stops again for a few seconds…. So not playable at all after that first 30 minutes) The game was on a little map(hilly) around the year 1900.

    I do some research to get the reason for that and find out that the pagefile is continously updated with about 35 MB/s which is to much for my harddisk. By the way my system has 4 GB of RAM of which 1 GB stays free and only 1,5 GB is used by train fever. It seems to be that train fever does not use the remaining 1 Gigabyte but uses the pagefile — but the throughput is to much… ( It seems to start to lag always at the time at which train fever starts to take 1.5 GB of RAM)

    2.) On my linux laptop I experienced a crash in year 2017. The simulation was paused, but the game was extremely laggy (one day took one minute) and the system monitor shows that 1 core was working all the time at 100 % and the other cores just did nothing
    (Steam name : jaheme86, maybe it send a crash dump..)

    Would be nice if there will be a patch to solve these issues…




    3.) Just a few seconds ago the game crashes after trying to resize the window (Linux Mint) (but: resizing in general works.)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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