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    can you point out what is wrong in the following picture?

    as a side note to the devs:

    the game runs soso on my computer. it seems to always lag, when it is loading textures. aside from that, it is ok i guess. but when i am building track outside the map, the game shows all kind of issues, which were reported by other people. like crashing, slowing down to 1 frame per 5 seconds or slowing down if a 2nd or 3rd window with landscape is shown (vehicle window). of course i am not supposed to build track outside of the map. i am just reporting this behavior because it might be an indicator of what is the reason for other issues.

    another thing is, i noticed is that there is an invisible landscape outside of the map. bridges and tunnels can be built. the following screen shows that there are different elevation levels outside of the map (altering heights of bridge pillars).

    i am thinking, maybe if there was no invisible landscape outside the map, the game may run faster, or the savegames may be smaller. definitely, because where else would the terrain information be stored?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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