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    So, I was made interested in this game when a friend of mine pointed it out to me after I complained about the lack of modern transportation tycoon games like Locomotion (this was on a Locomotion video). For once, this seems to be a game I like the concept of. A lot of the simulation is nice and the freebuilding style is great. I’m curious about how it will compare to the other experiences I’ve had in other tycoon games, chronologically; Railroads, Open TTD, Locomotion, Railroad Tycoon 2, and recently Railroad Tycoon 3. I’ve found something I like in every game, but I wonder what the gameplay and competition will be like. Still, that’s not what I came to ask.

    What I did come to ask was about American content. Are there any plans for any American content in the release or as a future expansion? I’m fine with using European stuff, but I feel that this game could benefit so much from an American content pack. Modders could also make that, but I fear that it could get out of control. Locomotion had a very organized modpack, but when it comes to making 3d models, there would be a massive mix of quality, and it would probably get unorganized unless some people actually worked together to provide one complete pack without tons of different quality levels, but consistent models. Of course, the easy way to get around it would be an official modpack or DLC expansion (I would be willing to pay for that). Of course, I don’t know, I’d like to hear what some devs think.

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    “However, there will be a DLC for the US which adds the US look and vehicles. Also, there might be more DLCs for specific countries / regions.”

    Modding is possible. So maybe it is free or to pay.


    Ok, that sounds like a good plan on their part. Games like this have so many ways to go with expansion packs. As with just about everything else in the game, I’d love to see where they go with possible expansions. When they do make a US pack, I hope they put a lot of effort into it. There is a lot to US railroading, so it would be a huge project (hopefully). I hate it when games slack out on the section on American locomotives, especially in modern times. Hopefully Train Fever will be otherwise, I have very high expectations!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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