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    I am urging you to not forget trams and metro. They have been essential since 1900. Trams was infact a much better transportation for more than 50 years. Some trams was used for taking goods also. I have been playing Cities In Motion 2 and its excellent, but they have forgot important things like that trams can stop on same stops as metro or train. Trams can go underground also.

    Please don’t forget this. In Germany and Netherlands you have trams sharing tracks with metro and train.

    A nice site to explore is,

    This is looking good, but don’t forget trams :)))


    Nobody has forgotten the trams, you can see it here: 🙂

    Also in game electric tram will be available since 1881, and before this you can use horsecars.

    About metro – as far I know, it can be added in future DLC, if the release will be successful.

    About underground trams – like metro, not in release, as far I know.

    Btw you reminded me about very interesting thing – cargo trams! It really was popular in first half of XX century. I not sure what they will be in release, but hope what it will be able to realise with modding. 🙂


    Thanks for answers.

    I think Metro and Trams should be priority. Cities In Motion 2 is the first ever game where I’ve seen trolley busses even. Why not release everything at once? A city cannot work without Metro, and Oslo got its first Metro line in 1900. London had Metro very early also. They even used steam locomotives in the start. It would be nice to have that in this game too.

    In Oslo, farmers used trams to move cargo before Oslo started to grow.

    In Cities In Motion 2 you have add-on pack with monorails. Now that makes sense as monorail is pretty new thing. I will buy your product, but when Metro and Tram is built into the game 🙂

    Great work anyway!


    Train Fever is first a game about trains, not trams and metros. Of course all these kinds of transport are linked and I’m glad that buses and trams have been implemented, but I understand that city transports in TF are not as deep as in Cities in Motion… For me I prefer that TF becomes a great intercity-train video game with very efficient signals and pathfinding implementation which are crucial for such a game, and if I want to play with metros and trams, I play Cities in Motion ! That is just my opinion… 🙂

    Axel Springer

    I am with you bafouu.  It is TRAIN fever.

    Metro and Trams are nice, but not so im portant for me at release. They make a working game with all basics and after that a Multiplayer, Trams, Metros, Plane, etc.

    And that is the correct way…for me 🙂

    Quality matters more than quantity. I dont need a second EA Company. And they know what a simu-trans player needs.


    Let me tell you. When OpenTTD started up, which is the open version of the original Transport Tycoon game. People demanded trams there too. Because of the game itself, it was and is impossible to implement metro. But! Locomotion does have trams and metros.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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