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    I Hope this wil be red by one or more of the Developers …

    1. On my Mac I still haven’t found the way how to tilt a Map. I just can look at the map at one ankle. Would you please be so kind to fix this (or maybe tell me if I have overlooked something)

    2. Please can you create a  better way to zoom in and out, because the Apple mouse is way to sensitive. Just a little stroke on my intellimouse makes the map come in way to far so I have to zoom out again, then it goes way to far – out. It is just a gray problem to zoom needly with the Mac. Zooming with some buttons could solve this problem I think

    3. Is it possible to create the blue line form 0% til 100%  when loading a saved game, just like we see when creating a new game. Now we don’t know if anything is happening at all?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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