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    At first – I just pre-ordered the game, really looking forward to it.


    But — i’m really curious about the prices.

    Steam 25 EUR

    Amazon Packed 20 EUR

    Humble 25 EUR

    Personally I want a digital only version, steam is perfect. I get steam will get some share, so the price is above others. But why is the “Direct from you” Option (humble)  also 25 EUR? I really would thing it would be lower than everything else, as no other should get a portion of it but you.

    At the end I chose Amazon, but I would have preferred an option with minimal costs for me, but maximum income for you (the dev).

    Anyway, thanks for the great game,



    There’s a thread on the Steam forum explaining the situation – If I recall correctly, the game has several publishers – Who couldn’t agree on a price point. So the prices vary because of it.

    Indie dev publishing is very expensive and hard to do – Lots of contacts and contracts needs to be in order to get a good and saturated release (Although in this case I think only the Germans received a physical release? Could be wrong)


    Ordered my digital download through steam at £17.99  (British pound).  Not sure what this works out in EUR, but it must be 25 EUR.  Train fever is not on sale at Amazon UK yet, only Amazon Germany. Not sure if it is on Amazon US either but I imagine it will be once released.


    Ok, I didn’t realise the physical version seems to be in germany only (at this point). Especially this version is the cheapest. Probably I have to thank Astragon. ^^

    Nevertheless, normally you can find a “direct sale” on the dev’s page which gives you a steam key, but the dev’s get more out of it but directly bought via steam.

    Btw Fun Fact — Train Fever is #1 at amazon germany .. in category “Adventures” (wh00t?)




    Personally I’d pre-order on Steam because it’s just so convenient for me having all of my digital games on a single platform – except I can’t because the beta counts as owning the game. I’ll probably miss out on the 10% pre-order discount because of it, but considering how much fun I’ve had with the game already I don’t really mind.

    If there was an English release with a nice box at some point I might get it just for the sake of filling out my small shelf of box games- Could always give the extra code to a friend.

    (With the exception of a few EA classics from the Maxis golden days on Origin)



    I only bought via amazon, as I know there’s a steam key in it — the DVD won’t be out of the box once. 😉


    I just pre-ordered (on Steam) !!! Can’t wait to play this game, watched too many videos about it. Very jealous about those dudes playing the beta. Can’t take it anymore. Give me my key now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (8)


    now jonathan078nl you must wait  like the rest of us who use steam


    Jonathan078NL lol 😛


    The physical is not for germany-only btw. You simply get a steam key, so you will even have the English game version. The only difference is the physical soundtrack and the poster (and the box, duh:P).

    Aside from the devs being Swiss, so Switzerland can be assumed to be included, as long as the german amazon ships to your country, there shouldn’t be any problem.I ordered it myself as a non-german and they ship it anyway (I am from The Netherlands).

    Maybe for the americans it is obviously a different story (although as a European I can order from Amazon US, so I don’t see why americans would be forbidden from the other way around).
    Lots of Europeans are probably here, and I guess amazon DE will ship to most countries in Europe, albeit with a slight charge for shipping (will depend on the country probably).

    (‘Non-america’ does not necessarily mean german-only… remember that. it’s not the 1990’s anymore…)

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    Know how you feel Jonathan. I’ve went through all beta vids on Youtube and bought the game. Really can’t wait. Just release it already!

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