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    Martin Mulder

    The new Main Connection-feature introduces some new problems. Or is, in my opinion, a problem by itself.

    1. I want to create a bypass to remove a road which is a “Main Connection”. I pause the game and build a new road which is only connected on one side. I discover I created the road incorrectly (could not connect because of “No Space”), so I want to remove that part again. Guess what: It already has become a “Main Connection”? How the f**k could it have become a “Main Connection”? The game is paused, no houses are build, it is connection nothing and more nothing to another road. How? How?
    2. If I create a railroad which is crossing a road, I can encounter a problem that that road has been segmented. I hate that, but there is a workaround: Remove the segments and rebuild the road as one segment. That workaround worked before the last update, because now that road can a “Main Connection”. I do not even want to remove that road, I simply want to cross it with my railroad. Segmented or not. “Main Connection” or not. I cannot created railroad the way I want it. The “train” has been removed out of the “fever”.
    3. Lets say we have a small road which is a “Main Connection”. And lets say I agree with that assesment. I want to make the road bigger and better and more a “Main Connection”. HOW DO I DO THAT? I cannot even upgrade a “Main Connection”-road. Why is that???

    My suggestion for all these problems are simpel:

    The game should not determain which roads are a “Main Connection”. But it should determain if there is ANY connection between any city and resource. So a user is not allowed to remove a connection which will disconnect one town to another or one resourcelocation¬†to a city. As long as there is another connection, everything should be fine. Of course the other connection could be less efficient, but hey, is that not part of the game: To create an efficient transport network? Isn’t that for the user to decide what is and what is not efficient?

    Furthermore, I would suggest that a railroad connection is also a connection between towns and towns and resources. So a road should be able to be removed after a railroad connection has been created.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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