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    I’m hoping to have a complex freight and passenger network where multiple trains will need to share multiple lanes. For this to work there must be a way to specify requirements for trains to drive on each lane.  OpenTTD have a patch called Programmable Waypoints that solves this:

    This may sound complicated, but in basic it’s common to have two lanes in each direction so that express passenger trains can pass slower freight. While in the early days they will need to share tracks, later when a piece of track is congested I would like to add a new lane without manually telling all the trains which track to use.

    Or maybe I’ll later in the game finally have the money to buy that expensive tunnel which will reduce the distance between two towns dramatically, but I don’t want the freight trains to slow down the passengers now that they finally can “fly” to their destination. And telling all 20 trains manually not to use it can quickly become an impossible task.

    The problem with signals is that a short freight will try to pass a long freight not knowing that it will (a) block passenger trains behind and (b) need the whole map to do so, because its current speed is just a few mph more than the long freight.

    Will there be a way to handle this easily in TrainFever?


    This was my problem in sid meiers rail roads.. id create a track designed for 1 train between 2 stations that i had other trains going the opposite direction to get to that station and the trains would end up getting stuck because the one train would take the other track i build because it was a tad bit short distance.. and then everything gets clogged up =( this would be great.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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