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    Train Fever is a very detailed game, also all the inhabitants in your gameworld are individual acting. Not only trains and verhicles but also every individual can be followed too. During the later game stages the number of inhabitants can be grown into many thousands, especially on larger maps even 10 thousands. It is i.m.o. only advisable to play on the large maps if you have a very powerful computer. Else you can better play on mediocare or even small sized maps.


    It’s not the amount of agents that bogs everything down, although obviously that has an impact as well. It’s the way the game handles draw distance. It renders a lot of things we see, but also stuff further out in the distance that’s not readily apparent. I’m no developer, I have no idea if there is a different way to handle this, but it’s something that should be looked at as the main culprit.

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    I’m in the 70s atm on a medium map. 14 towns as I remember, 12 connected with inner lines, some lines between them, 12 towns receiving goods. I have 50 something lines, that’s probably 200-220 vehicles. Game gets sluggish often for a few seconds but generally it works. I notice slideshow kind of lag if I try to build a long rail or road section in one go.

    I think what may kill performance is the movement of the people, walking and driving around, when I zoom in there’s LOTS of them. That’s a lot of objects to do calculations for! Decisions at intersections (pedestrian crossings), chosing destinations etc. My guess would be, that optimizing this (simpler logic, dunno?) could help tremendously. We’ll see in a few weeks time if they succeed.

    My pc is an i5-2400 with 8gb ram, Ati 6770 vga.


    For me setting vsync to false as someone suggested elsewhere actually helped a lot to have the game running more smoothly. I can actually open i.e. the line menu again without the frame rate dropping to single digits. It still stalls every now and then, let’s say one a minute for a few seconds or after specific mouse clicks like buying a new vehicle. But this way at least it became playable again with like 200 lines and 600 vehicles now.

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    Yesterday, when my game crushed. the current game file was causeing the trouble, not the performance issue. I tried to fix it, but notheing help. After some testing, I found out, that some vehicle was causeing the crahs, so i sold every vehicle and did some testing, how long my game will run without crash. it ran smoothly for some years, so i stop the testing.

    currently i’m working on the line network. adding more cities to the network and get the tram system in the towns right.

    i’m currently at 350mil $ and i hope it will be enough to buy the whole system of vehicle again.


    every month freeze, every june double freeze, every year megafreeze, in case 4x fastforward it is about click ‘n’ lag

    playing large map , not so many vehicles  <200 and trains <10 mostly cargo, all towns havin traffic jam and i wasnt success to keep passangers line usage above 60% for one year without street upgrades just to spread traffic


    i noticed that my i7 4790k (16GB ram ,770 gtx) mostly using only one core for train fever and arroung 4g ram

    – OS independend issue – same machine running win64/linux/mac

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