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    First day I got public transit working perfectly. Second day not so much.. not sure if it is because of the update or something I am doing wrong..


    I messed around with buses and can make them profitable but hardly anything. I make the lines hit residential, workplaces, shopping and entertainment (I think that’s what they are called). If I am starting in 1850 they love my lines. 1950 nearly impossible to make money at it – but I guess that’s with cars. Still not sure how to overcome that though – how to make a really desirable bus line.


    What really is confusing me though are train lines. I start with one city with pop>jobs with a train leading to a city with jobs>pop, A to B for example. And it works perfectly, well enough that eventually I need two well sized trains to carry all the people. Also, I always have bus lines in the cities I have train lines so they feed off each other. The second I add a third stop in the line in another city no one takes the train line at all (not literally, but maybe like two people).  I even have it going A to B to C then back to B and start over at A. Makes sense to me? I would get it if they didn’t go to C because they just don’t want to go there maybe but they stop commuting between A and B as well then. And its not that I didn’t give it time for it to build up in popularity – not that it should have to, people are already using A and B a lot. I actually gave it a lot of time but was running broke, I had 9mil when I added the 3rd stop and the line started losing 1mil/year. Any ideas?


    Well just add enough trains and they will make money again 😉

    I’m making ~20 mill on a train line that connects 6 cities! So i’m having a total of 11 trains on the line running simultaneously 😉

    So as long as your freq is low people choose to use your trains.


    I had three trains between the 3 stops. Can’t remember the wait time but it was pretty low.

    That said, started another game, see if it happens again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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