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    Hi there,

    Finally i thought it’s time for me to see what mods are all about. Wow!! What a great surprise !  😉  Particularly at awe with a fine collection of dutch trains. A great surprise indeed!

    But, to begin with, i opted for ‘Advanged Train Fever Total (ATT)’. Talk about a great surprise! That’s another Wow!! 😉

    Got the hang of it fairly quickly, running nicely on a small map. Love it ! Kudos to the devs and thanks a lot !!

    One thing i wonder about : with all these additional industries available, is it now possible to deliver various types of goods to the cities or is it still ‘one city one type’ ??…..

    Answer will be highly appreciated !



    At the moment it is not possible to deliver various types of goods to the city, however “ATT” is prepared for this.

    Fingers crossed for the January-Patch.


    “At the moment it is not possible to deliver various types of goods to the city, however “ATT” is prepared for this”

    Really !??… Ok! Thanks, that’s great!.

    “Fingers crossed for the January-Patch”

    What patch would that be ?….TF  or ATT ?…..



    Traian Trante

    A way to do this would be to create markets or en-gros goods depots (end industries, really) that combine several type of goods into the generic “goods”. You will have to place each of this new industry in a city manually, using the map editor (once that is out).


    For instance in a mountain city you will place a market that demands lumber, food, and coal.


    Thanks, TT. Sounds interesting. A Map Editor…. Does that belong to ATT or will this be an official TF release ? ( or maybe even belong to TF2 ??… ) ATT seems to work fine as is too. From the 17 railway lines i have setup on a small map (pax and cargo) 12 are profitable sofar. All cities connected via railway and most get two types of goods delivered. Quite happy with ATT.  🙂


    Next Build 0.805 will be released in a few days.

    1. Big-Cargo-Station
    2. City-Cargo-Station´s
    3. 40 Tons Truck-Family
    4. New additional Waggons for Coal/Coke & Iron/Iron_Ore
    5. Loading performance Patch for medium and large Maps
    6. Bug fixing
    7. and a bit more

    To get the best overview refer to:

    Meanwhile it is up to 24 Pages full of information and pictures.


    Cheers  Kiwi



    Thanks for the HU, Kiwi !  Can’t wait to give it a go ! 😉


    ATT Version 0.805 is up and ready for download.

    and a video about the new toys as well.

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    Fantastic ! Thanks for the tip, Kiwi !  🙂






    Dear Kiwi,

    Not only thanks for the tip but Thanks a million for your ATT mod !! ( sorry, didn’t realize  you are the developer of this amazing ATT… 😉

    I have installed version 0.805. Atm i have one question: can i just continue with my current map (1947) based on version 0.800 or do i best start a new map ?

    Thanks so much again !!

    Cheers, Jan



    Version o.805 should be save game compatible.

    And thanks for the flowers.





    Thanks, Kiwi, really love your ATT and sofar it’s working great. Fantastic job you are doing there !

    One more question if i may and it’s possible you might find it quite silly but i’ll go ahead and ask it anyway.  😉

    People can do without cars, furniture, household stuff if push comes to shove but what they can’t do without is food, right ? I do deliver cars, furniture and household stuff alright and that is more or less quite appreciated but what i don’t deliver is food…

    My question is will this have any effect on city growth in ATT ?…

    Why i don’t deliver food ? It’s because i am a vegetarian and even if it’s only virtual i just can’t get myself to load up these poor virtual cows and take them to the virtual slaughter house. Because meat is the only food to deliver atm will my cities in ATT never come to fruition ?  (pun intended 🙂

    I hope not because i will then have to go back to default TF. Wouldn’t it be possible to add more diversity to the food department by introducing fruits and vegetables ?

    In short, will cities still grow normally *without* delivering food ?

    Thanks for reading and i hope you don’t find it too silly…  😉



    Lol, quite funny to read your post.

    However it doesn´t matter which type of resource you are delivering to the city. The City will grow just as normal.

    To add more resources is still a balance problem because of the size of the Maps.

    If it is fine for small Maps, than on big maps you have to much of industries. If it is fine for big maps, you still have not enough industries for small Maps.

    Furthermore adding just 1 additional resource its taking weeks to adjust existing vehicle and to produce all necessary new vehicles and buildings.


    Cheers, Kiwi


    Thanks, Kiwi ! Good to know. I’ll keep the cows grazing then. 😉

    Understand about adding more and different resources takes a lot of time. I just thought i’d let you know. You probabely wouldn’t have thought of that,would you…;-) I do hope you think about it when the time comes.

    Thanks much again !



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