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    Hi guys!
    So, here my question:
    I would like to make on the same railway line a local service and a “fast regional” service…for do this I’ve put 4 platforms stations in each town touched by the line and than I built 2 120Km/h tracks and 2 300Km/h tracks, my idea was to create the single local line on the slow side and the fast one in the other.
    Local is running well but now that i’m ready to set the faster i’m not able to select high speed tracks because Train Fever automatically choose the locals tracks.
    It’s crazy! How can i do?
    I mean, if this game should be a “simulator” some tools are essentials for playing it.
    Waypoints are foundamental, be free to set in which platform train will stops it’s really important to have a realistic gameplay… hope Dev will add those things, we need it!!


    Another thing that is fundamental is a search option in forums to let you find things that have been discussed many times before… oh, wait there is one, why don’t people use it :-$


    Use signals. But not always you will be able to make it go where you want. The game lacks of waypoints. I think the devs are working on it.


    maybe you could try to ungroup the station so that the game thinks it are 5 seperate¬†“stations”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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