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    Hey guys, so I built this station when starting my game:

    My question is will passengers need to walk all the way around the back of the station to get to the tram depot/vice versa? (I had the stations grouped, but just un grouped them before taking this screenshot). I was thinking that I’d probably need to build a pedestrian bridge/tunnel over/under the station, but I guess I just don’t have enough room because I couldn’t make it work. I am about to just flip the station so it exits on the other side, but I just wanted to get confirmation if passengers in grouped stations will teleport between them or if I need to allow some sort of passenger walkway.



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    Yes, they need to. So that is a wrong placement of the stations. Ideally, you don’t really want to use those big stations here for buses or trams as they just clog everything up. My biggest annoyance with them is that passangers coming and going across the entrance to the tram/bus station will block it and my buses/trams will always have to wait until it’s clear. And on large busy cities, it’s pretty much never.

    What i do instead, is just place a normal stop along the road, or build a road for it parallel to the main road, allowing buses and trams to turn around easily, if needed. Stop is also always placed after the pedestrian crossing so people exiting the vehicle will go across the road behind it, leaving free road in front of the vehicle for it to depart.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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