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    1. What’s the exact role of passenger station platform length? maximum acceptable train length? maximum capacity of waiting passengers? loading/unloading speed? If that affects capacity, how many? total or per line?

    2. What’s the difference of old(blue) passenger stations with new(brown) station? only aesthetic? or have functional difference? (e. g. more capacity)


    3. Is there a elevated rail station and/or an underground station like CiM or Simutrans? I’ve played until 1970 but there’s huge lag (my biggest city has about 2500 population) so I abandoned that map and retrying with new map. So I don’t know what’s waiting for the future.


    1. platform lenght influences maximum train length and maximum waiting capacity (the length of the platform = passengers. so a 320m platform = 320 waiting people max)

    2. i believe it only is an aesthetic difference

    3. elevated = no

    underground = no

    but you can make a sunken station by building a road and lowering the middle with the m/n keys and then building a station (


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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