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    Hi, i m news. I play Train Fever on steam and after 12h00 playing time, i dont found solution for update road with railroad crossing.

    First sequence, update road is not possible

    Second time, “segment locked” what that ! but when destruct befor and after is possible to delete road.

    And for finish it, game no resolving automated create railroad crossing

    I dont speak another option to update Freight Station or Passenger Station, dynamic resolving Station platform incoming train or any option not in game, but when i buy it on steam no indication on Alpha version of the game :/

    So now waiting update ? maybe Dev Team need more communication with community.


    You’ll need to cross the road with rail – Not the other way around.

    Delete the railway – Put the road down – Cross the road with the rail again.

    It’s a beta bug that hasn’t been fixed yet – Patches are on the way. The Dev team have plenty of communication with the community – The posts are just buried in almost a hundred new threads on Steam daily.


    Delete railway, craft road and railroad crossing is so spartiat, but if is the only solution for this time, i wait game update.
    thx for your respond

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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