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    Can some one explain how the railway signals will operate?


    I am very used to the Locomotion style signals and their issues with “signal blocks”

    Examples: http://www.amitrains.co.uk/tutorial/index.htm and http://sampug394.deviantart.com/art/Locomotion-1-way-Signal-Guide-190499600


    Also will there be “priorities” like local trains yielding to express and freight trains yielding for passenger/mail trains?


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    We’re going to post an update about the signals when we’ve implemented them and have them functional. The signalling is a complex workflow and we’re testing some solutions to find an easy and general way to place them. We can’t tell the functionality yet, because it might change. 

    Basically we’re working with path and block signals. 




    I will wait for the official announcement then. Will there be a demonstration video about it?


    I hope we can set the actual direction a train takes.. as in what rail to go onto..  Sid meiers railroads was fun, but the trains would take the shortest path… even though i constructed a  new one for a train to take.. would end up getting my trains stuck.. between signals..  Not to mention the game later down while playing the signals would not work right when the map got real busy with trains everywhere.


    If developers create block and path signals like OTTD, there are directional types that block traffic going the ‘wrong way’ along a particular track in a multi-track corridor (rather like a ‘no-entry’ sign on the back of the signal). With path based signalling there’s an option to show the reserved path through junctions. In OTTD this shows the path only gets reserved just in front of a train as it passes a path signal, but I would hope in this game the path will get reserved earlier, perhaps variably depending on train priority and current speed, whether its been dispatched from a station or not etc.


    I thing should be good if you will use the rail signals from “Trains and Trucks Tycoon” ! For me is a very simple that system of signal. 🙂


    By the way I forgot to ask, but if a signal is blocked by a stopped/crashed train for awhile, will they reroute trains to a side track that passes the blockage or will the trains have to wait till the track their on is cleared?


    also will this apply to blocked road crossings?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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