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    Are you tired of having to demolish buildings just to upgrade the roads when them damn traffic jams start. Well, I think I have a work-around until the devs do something about it.

    What I did was I went found the roads.lua and edited all the small roads to be the same as the medium roads. I just copied everything from the medium road and pasted it into the small roads. Now the game can’t build small roads so when you generate a new map, the cities will all have medium roads. No more small side streets. You can see in the preview image that the roads in the city are all medium roads. I changed the names so you can tell which one is the small road file. I added -medium to all the names so you’ll know they are edited. There are 4 files and here are the names of them;

    Small country road-Medium – country_new_small.lua
    Small country road-Medium – country_old_small.lua
    Small street-Medium – new_small.lua
    Small street-Medium – old_small.lua

    After you install these and generate a map and you like building small roads. Just save your game, exit TF and uninstall these. When you start your game back up, you can now build the small roads again and the city roads will stay the same.

    In the second file, Thinner Large Roads, all I did was change the width of the large roads from 16 and made them the same width as the large upgrade road which is 12.. The first image below shows why I did these. I hate how that looks and I’m thinking they don’t have to be that wide. Now they are all the same size like in the second image below. The second image is the new map I generated in 1850 that’s why the roads are old in that shot.

    I hope you all like these and use them. Oh BTW, the reason the city in the screen shot above is so big is because I used Das_Matzes’ 10X capacity. Please let me know what you think.

    EDIT: After trying this myself a few more times, I thought, ‘what about having them all Large?’ So I made another set. This time I copied and pasted each large road into each small and medium road so now when you generate a new map, all the roads will be LARGE… Then save the map and uninstall the All Large Roads and play normal but with all of the streets upgraded already. 2 images below.


    Images and download link here;

    No Small Roads & Thinner Large Roads + All Large Roads added


    already downloaded it and really loving it.

    no more millions through the drain when upgrading roads




    I actually like the fact that some roads require demolishing buildings to upgrade.  This is a real world problem that all cities face and adds to the challenge.

    Either rip up an entire neighborhood (mind numbingly simplistic and unrealistic), cheat, or engineer a solution like real cities do.  Parallel roads, Ring roads, light rail, elevated express ways, one ways, lots of imaginative ways to solve the problem.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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