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    I thought this was a terrific game fir the first hour them I realised it is full of bugs. after you have developed a few lines you find when you are told to renew a vichicle that you cannot find it’s line because the sub menu will not page down or up , scrolling does not work niether does the mouse which means you have to create a new line for it. Also after 1972 all new trains are anavailable for the same reason, this does not seem bad until you realise that because you cannot buy new trains your income starts to decrease and eventually you are broke. Also you cannot see more than about ten achievments for the same reason. This game has definetly been realise about a year before it should have as there are to many bugs it looks like it is back Transport Giant & Railway Tycoon 2 UNTIL THIS GAME IS FIXED



    The game arguably has a few missing features but I don’t think it’s fair to say that it has that many bugs. I haven’t seen a single person complain about the issue you’re seeing. Try posting in the Support forum and get help from the devs. I have always been able to scroll down every menu and have all the trains post 1972 running.


    Do you have a mouse with a scroll wheel? The game has such a mouse written in minimum system requirements. If you do then is the window you are trying to scroll highlighted when you do it? Do you have mouse cursor over it?


    I haven’t encountered any of those issues in over 30 hours of play.  It may be missing some nice to have features and streamline UI, but it’s far from broke.


    I certainly agree that this game was released too early. They had a lot of potential with this game. Done right, it could have been a very popular game I believe. Word of mouth would have caused it to spread, but since it’s a let down in so many areas there isn’t that viral word of mouth style lift to really make it popular. I think they have a closing window of time left to really make this good and possibly capture that. If they put in some serious improvements over the next month, and I mean fix all the really bad stuff.

    They really need to fix things like:

    roads over rail

    they need to remove the hard coded bit that makes cities only take “goods”. Set it to default cities need “goods” to grow, but allow players to specify additional items (like food) and create new chains to make these things. So that cities who don’t get all the specified goods may grow slowly or not at all.

    they need to allow X patterns for rails (mainly to allow perfectly tight platform choice at stations for multiple lines)

    They need to allow rail to cross over more than one track (so you can have a double fork)

    They need to provide vanilla balanced costs on things. Trains just don’t make sense

    They need to create a very simple “wealth” hierarchy for residents. Randomly assign buildings so that the residents are low/medium/high wealth and assign some cost vs time system to driving (more expensive usually), and taking regular or express lines. This would allow us to get low wealth residents to do things like make bus lines between cities viable, while also making faster more expensive trains viable, or even express trains for richer people, etc. It would generally make sure people wouldn’t drive 30km/hour down a dirt road hundreds of KM when they could take a train.

    We need garages to be put at stations or allow residents to “park” at stations so that richer people might drive there themselves but still take the train instead of driving across the map.

    They need to work on rail collisions, and bridges. They also need to work on road crossings. They claim things aren’t on a “grid” but if that were the case, rail crossing at any angle would be fine, they’re not. The grid is there, it’s just “hidden”.

    They should also work on a system to “marshal” the carriages. if I have a train hauling ore to a factory and it could take goods going back, because of a city in between, it’s annoying to run empty cars, especially if it’s a big route. Let me change cars like other games do.

    loading times need to be fixed. Way too long (and time overall needs adjust) A slider that modified time and maintenance/income might be fine.

    These changes, and a few other things. Maybe a few free cars or something for existing owners as a one time DLC and this game could become a sensation. I’d walk up to people on the street and recommend it to them.

    Also needs better switching. basic switching is fine, but when you start having multiple lines use a rail it gets really to be a pain, because the signals you’re using to control which train goes where also affects spacing. We should be able to specify things like “This signal only controls right of way, not spacing” or something like that, so that a train following on the same line wouldn’t advance to that point when it’s meant only to hold up a train if someone is coming in on the junction.



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    I voiced a similar point in the support forum –

    However, to be fair, I have also not seen the bugs you have mentioned. I find all the menus work fine with a scroll wheel on mine. What I do have a BIG problem with is that I can only use small maps! Medium or large simply are too much for my PC to cope with which leaves me with £200m in the bank and nowhere left to expand in the mid 1970s!! When I think I could be on a much larger map and be planning a huge high speed network to use the TGV on when it comes online in 1981, I’m left feeling very frustrated.

    This game has many minor bugs yes, sometimes crashes for no reason, sometimes freezes, somethings can be VERY annoying like the constant ‘collision’ warning when placing rails but the biggest and most unforgivable flaw is the devs were lazy and didn’t code the core game to use multithreading. Therefore, all of us with powerful muticore CPUs are left with a processor bottleneck as the game will only use ONE of the CPU’s cores, leaving the game unplayable once it gets to a reasonable size.

    I have no clue how easy something like this is to fix but one things for sure, if they don’t fix such a major flaw soon, this game will sink fast. That would be a shame because at it’s heart, is a great game.


    I second the multi core usage..  It have a brand new I7 5820 pushing it to 4.2.. and my game is lagging/choppy  with heavy population..  grr!.

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