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    I am struggling a bit with signaling, and therefore my trains get stuck from time to time. Could someone please tell me the easiest way to remove the trains when it says waiting for free path and no path? I try to remove all the tracks but one, and then set a train depot right in front of the train, but it wont go there even though i set it to go to depot.. Its quite frustrating :/


    Reversing is sometimes useful.


    Had this annoying issue too. If you screw up a signal job, sometimes you are gonna have to re-load a old save file.

    Reverse might help.

    Putting one train on a new line may help to get it to go backwards.

    GoTo Depot probably wont work if both trains are dead locked.

    Or reload a old save file.

    Be nice for a “delete” button or able to bulldoze a train. Maybe for a high price or something, but things do happen. I’ve also had this happen more then few times it also makes it ALT+F4 rage worthy. But I just reload a save.


    You need to let the train closest to the depot ”Go To Depot” I think… IDK, I don’t really get the reasoning of the signals either from time to time. They seem so inconsistent.


    The path signals are dead easy. They allow any train to stop at them, and they divide up your railway into sections between each signal.

    Go to depot only works if the train can get to a depot in its current direction – If the depot is behind the train, you’re going to need to stop, reverse and re-start the train.


    Thx guys.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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