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    Just emerging into this sim after years away from TT.

    Just wondering if anyone has considered boundaries or fences to the edge of property.  Specifically, the railway cuttings and embankments which in RL would be fenced off and generally over time had trees and shrubs grow providing a distingtive mark on the landscape that would last forever.  Look at Google Earth from high altitude at a railway/road.

    It would stand to reason the railway or road when built would be bare but as the years progress, perhaps a boundary would build up.  It would mean when the railway is destroyed the trace of it would remain in the future like disused railway lines today.  Purely asthetic but it would add to the realism and it would greatly enhance the landscape.

    The lack of trees or hedgegrows in the landcape as it is mean you can see for miles and miles as the skyline is not interupted – the above might greatly add to immersion.

    Probably above and beond the limitations of game engine as I do not believe trees are pkanted and grow – they are there when game starts and remain forever until built over.



    Some building areas have a a value to randomly populate the property with objects… that could be used for trees.


    You can place trees by yourself individually now.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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