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    Stop those flipping trains, literally.  Is it possible to mod out the ability for trains to magically flip direction (unless your have a loco at both ends, thus requiring a balloon loop at the end of every line (st least until loco cost goes down)


    It’s not even necessary to mod this. Make a loop at the end. Set a waypoint within this loop, and have the line go through this waypoint.


    If this isn’t what you’d want, what would the solution be? After all, it’s a game. Transport Tycoon did this very same thing, Railroad Tycoon too. And in everyone of these, the solution would be to make a loop.

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    Have to agree with Ola (and hope his schedule’ll cut him some slack soon! :P). No need to mod it out, leave it as is for those of us that don’t mind suspending our disbelief, you can make a loop and use a waypoint of some sort.


    Of course, what would be perfect would be for the engine to uncouple, drive past the train and recouple at the front. However, this is not Train Simulator, it is a game and it’s more about moving people / goods and the interaction between them and your network. Also, the point becomes mute when you get to the modern era, the EMU’s and DMU’s in the game act pretty much like in real life, being the same front to back, they simply stop, load, then leave in the other direction.

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    The possibility of push-pull trains would be fair enough. There are some mods with control cars out yet… This shouldn’t be so hard 🙂


    I would actually love a game that is like train fever but as detailed as train simulator. Being able to decouple wagons, move the loco to a turntable or balloon loop and reattach at the other end of the wagons would be an awesome feature. Cargo trains that drop off full wagons and pick up empty wagons to take back to the industry where they drop off the empty wagons and pick up full ones. You would only need to specify which wagons get picked up/dropped off and the assigned loco(s) would work out the rest. It would make large rail yards necessary and improve the visual aspect of your rail network. Being able to leave wagons in the yards that wait for filling or being picked up by a different loco.

    Train flipping = bad, Train reversing = good


    Or, in case of passenger transport, give us cars with a cab so a loco can also push and not only pull as usually happens in real life.

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