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    So there is a well known issue where res is displayed wrong. i have a 1080p monitor but it won`t fit when i choose that res.

    well here is a thing i have discovered.

    The issue exists where some pc`s mostly laptops but not always unique monitors using strange ratios etc have windows dpi scale.

    To use the resolution you are capable of but the game won`t display properly follow these instructions.

    win 10 Right click on desktop
    go to display settings > advanced settings > advanced sizing of text and other things

    there will be a link for scaling it will show you a bar -xx% ~ 200% make sure you set to 100%

    You will need to restart/logout

    this will make things smaller on desktop but make the game run well.

    there are different paths to take to get this essentially you are looking for scaling / dpi scaling and make sure it`s 100%

    This could be fixed but i am not sure if the developer can fix the game to ignore the desktop scaling when it launches. It might be an issue builtin with who ever they use for graphics engine.. or something like that.


    Anyway interested to see what devs think of this. As running the game in a lower resolution’s that does not fit me monitor ratio well is annoying and stupid.


    help, im on win 8

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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