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    I’m trying my best to “win” hard mode from 1850.   My strategy is to spend about 400k or so to make one track from a starter resource near a town, to an end resource, also near a town (or more).  Then I spend the rest on a depot and as many train cars as I can buy.

    Recently I did this and I could only by 28 “good / wood” worth of cars and I began supplying a sawmill near two town with wood, and I would bring back goods to the town near the forest..

    I couldn’t supply with more than 28 wood per trip (15 min frequency), and I was about to make enough to afford more cars and “really” start playing. When I noticed the Sawmill started upgrading and downgrading.

    It would downgrade when I couldn’t match it’s 40 output of goods, but it would give me goods and would upgrade when they made their way to my forest town.

    Also, it would change its mind frequently about whether or not to use my line.

    So I was ONE TRIP left from being able to afford more cars and make some serious dosh, when the sawmill’s production finally dropped sharply.

    It was makine 22/50 when it decided to downgrade..  Before long it was making 18, and finally when I brought it the last “full (28)” load of wood it had gone down to zero production..  Even though I had delivered wood and had taken it’s goods to my town, it refuses to produce.


    I never had enough money to buy more cars and I’m not sure how I’d even use them if I could, I let the train run for 3 more years moving nothing from a 0 production forest to a 0 production sawmill.

    Please make resources less finnicky!


    I also notice that some productions are stopped for no real reason.

    Had my Steel mill working @ 65/100. Game tip: “increase iron ore delivery”  but the iron ore mine that was close by and with a 4 min interval line kept dropping in production making my steel mill drop as well to 25/100.

    Enough products where being shipped out because my Steel Mill was feeding 2 city’s.


    thats another problem of the ridiculously fast speed of game time. the years pass so fast that your frequency varies wildly from year to year, especially if you share tracks which might lead to a train waiting for a free path or if you replace vehicles to upgrade them. the industries are overly sensitive to changes in the frequency and cut production way too much because if tiny disruptions.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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