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    My name is Vitaly. I am from Russia. I loved the game Train Fever. The idea is just wonderful, intelligence urban development is good. However, there are legitimate concerns. Below will give their suggestions for improving the game. In parentheses are the comments and disadvantages.

    Suggestions (notes and disadvantages):

    1. Increase the crosses on the windows (very inconvenient to close the window when you’re playing for 2-3 hours hands get tired).

    2. Add hot keys. Almost all actions in the game are done with the mouse – it is not very convenient and long.

    3. Improve the opportunity to rename the lines (now inconvenient to fix the first character, it is necessary to erase the entire string).

    4. Add the training game, tooltips or detailed manual (which you can disable, if desired in the game settings. Beginners need long to think that in general it is necessary to do in the game.)

    5. Make the ability to change the color of the line.

    6. Make it more convenient way intersection (Add new items to the game menu on the right: bridges, tunnels, overpasses).

    7. Make it possible to automatically replace old vehicles.

    8. Limit the size of possible initial loan in severe difficulty.

    9. Make a final goal in the game, reward system, hall of fame, the record (no evident purpose of the game, only the individual scores on the left top of the screen, and pop-up messages). Offer, give the player a gift access to different types of transport in the “garage” – a new paragraph in the main menu. The player can start a “special” mode of transport is already open types of “garage” from the very beginning of the game since 1850.

    10. Increase the number of modes of transport, both rail and car.

    11. Make the possibility of destruction of roads exploded with additional hot keys (when stretching a very large section of the road across the map, you can only destroy it all).

    I would be glad if acknowledge my suggestions.

    Thank you!

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    Very good list – covers all the major annoyances that do not involve major game play change.

    I would add along these lines:

    1. Shift Click to destroy an entire country road instead of section by section.

    2. Add a tool to show track speed/elevation after it was constructed – I don’t always remember if the track I layed in 1855 has 80kph curve or 120kph – it would be useful to be able to click on the track and see the curve as well as the elevation.

    3. Make industries a little less sensitive to line changes – when I replace trains and the line goes from 19min to 21min and the whole industry crashes – a factory could go from 150 to 50 very very quickly.
    Especially noticeable when have long industry lines.


    Great game – has lot’s of shortcomings but I love it.


    Regarding point 1, I just want to mention the Del button that already closes all windows, which is great help. I got two things for this (as suggestions):

    1) Right clicking on a window should close it – since the game only uses the left button

    2) The Esc button could close windows in the order they were opened. Sounds too much? Well that’s how it works in Cities in Motion 2 (pressing Esc repeatedly; although that game is missing the Del solution 🙂 )


    Track speed is shown if you place a new line against, you don’t need to build it.

    All what you want is to get the information about the speed.

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