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    Road pathfinding needs some serious work.

    Let’s say we’re about far enough into the game that Trams come into play. Some cities we’re serving have already grown and have many streets and side roads.

    We create a loop for a bus or a tram to use. We put the stops on both sides of the road in places to create a nice loop that sticks to the main roads as much as possible and avoids turning off to side roads, and can be run in both directions. ( ie a line going A>B>C>D>A>etc, another line going D>C>B>A>D>etc)

    But as we start creating more lines to serve this large city, the waypath of other routes start going crazy (Why is it even recalculating other routes while we’re making a new one anyway?). Something it really likes to do is wander off pointlessly down side streets to needlessly approach the stop from the opposite direction. As in after leaving A, it’ll take a loop around a few side roads to approach B from C, then it’ll loop back again to head to C… Absolutely pointless as the more direct route A>B>C would be much faster.

    Why does it do this so much? It makes trying to set up tram and bus routes in large cities an absolute nightmare because after a few routes, the lines are needlessly and illogically going all over the place and gets confusing.

    It also gets all messed up as the city further grows and builds more roads.

    This needs to be sorted, it’s driving me away from using buses and trams at all.


    I havent really had serious trouble. But i also see that buses take the shorter route. Not the faster route…

    Having less trouble with trams as they will follow ur tramrails anyway.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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