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    Why does scrolling become so difficult on train fever first it will not scroll with the mouse then for no reason it will stop scrolling with direction arrows it is quite frustrating when you cannot get the screen to scroll.


    Because TF has incorrectly implemented scrolling. It is based on mouse movements, instead of terrain collision. If it was done correctly it would work just like in OTTD.

    To overcome, use strategic zoom – zoom out with mouse wheel, then zoom in on another location.


    I was thou its just me. Have same issue.

    Uzurpator, zoom out – zoom in doesnt work for me. Zooming is always to the center of the screen not to the mouse pointer.


    Haven’t seen the mouse issue, but I see the key issue quite often in OSX – the main map ‘loses focus’ in software development terms. Just click anywhere on the map and you can use the keys again – may be something to do with the Steam overlay.


    I’ve also had a similar issue with M and N rotate keys.  Sometimes they just won’t work!


    I’ll necro this topic.

    I started to pay attention how I navigate the map. It seems that I:

    When I want to focus on away object

    1. Strategic zoom away

    2. Move to new location using a combination of right mouse button drag and ctrl+mouse drag ( If you keep ‘control’ you will adjust camera viewpoint )

    3. Zoom it

    It is so instinctive, that I don’t notice this anymore.

    When I want to follow trains I just use the ‘follow train’ order

    When I want make precise adjustments I use WASD/Arrows and Ctrl+Mouse adjust.

    So – my point still stands. TF does not have proper terrain dragging, but it is salvageable. With all the camera movement options I don’t notice this anymore, even though it bothered me at the release.


    This is one of those things that you are pleased to read to know you are not alone! I constantly find the AWSD keys suddenly do nothing, only to re activate after using the mouse for a bit. (oh , and random hitting the Esc key, pounding the ASWD keys, swearing, etc.) 😉

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