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    Like many other Windows users, I have received an invitation to to upgrade my Windows 7 system to Windows 10 free of charge from Microsoft.

    Should I accept the offer, what are the pros and cons?  Any thoughts?


    As you want. On train fever it doesn´t have any effect.


    Well, Windows 7 is slowly becoming a dated operating system. First released in 2009. Windows 10 is a more modern OS with some nice new functionality. It focuses more on the cloud first principle and has support for universal windows apps.

    For the moment the choice simply is yours. MS would prefer you upgrade. Should you ever decide to upgrade your computer to a new Intel Skylake processor MS wil only support you if you have Windows 10.

    But be warned, Windows 10 is a bit different from 7. The start menu looks different and notifications are all found in a new side bar. I’ve come to prefer W10 over 7 but some people are more critical.

    I would suggest you give it a try (and not just a few hours, but a few weeks). In your first month you should be able to undo the upgrade and go back to your previous 7 install. After a month, Windows will delete the backup it has made of your previous windows install.


    Thanks for advice!  I have made the upgrade and everything is OK.

    Another reason for the free upgrade is that Microsoft probably  intends withdraw it’s support for W7 & W8 in the not to distant future.


    I’m on windows 8.1, and i’m definitely getting back on w 7 in a month or two. I would stay on windows XP, but it only supports directX 9.0 and it’s a bit old now.

    Some people seem to think new OSes are better, which really deeply depresses me almost like holocaust, that they think so.


    As some one who works on upgrading and fixing PCs for a living I can say this without hesitation:

    If it DOESN’T already have Windows 10 on it when you buy it, DON’T upgrade unless you have a FULL backup of your PC and it’s Factor/Windows install files in case it fails.

    Windows 10 will bug you about upgrading for Windows 7/8.1 a lot, but MOST original built Windows 7 PC’s CAN’T even run Windows 10.
    Now I’m not saying you can’t run it at all, I’ve gotten it to work just fine on a Pentium 4 HT, with only 2GB of ram, and an ancient Intel 945 iGPU just fine (after ALOT of driver install issues), but alot of times it won’t even run on modern (2009-2013) PCs at all or with major complications.


    In short don’t do it unless you can risk losing your OS and personal files if it screws up.


    As a personal preference Windows 10, even with all it’s bells and whistles still doesn’t top Windows 7 or 8.1 in overall usability, function, and compatibility. It DOES run alot “smoother” for me on all my PCs than 7/8.1 have ever run (even faster than Windows XP on some of the older ones) but over all most people won’t see much of a difference.

    So unless you NEED any of the new features of Windows 10 (like Direct X 12 which isn’t even mainstream yet) then keep Windows 7 or 8.1!


    I have upgraded to Windows 10.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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