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    Just a quick question to the devs

    Signals in TF do work as expected (most of the time) but at there any plans to update them with

    1. Distant signal features (see wiki post regarding UK signaling maybe after seeing a yellow the train slows to EG> 70% of top speed (I no the RL rules for distance signals differ depending on your world region this is just a example) untill the next clear signal to try and help avoid the stop start situation we have now

    2. In the UK (not sure about signals for rest of world) we have light board on the top of the signal indecating what way the next switch is pointing Chris sawers Locomotion did touch on this so is that a possibility with this game?

    3. priority paths In the game if you have a busy junction (station area as an example) some lines might want to have priority over others to try and keep the area clear (as much as you can) so EG a fast passenger train you might want to give a higher priority than a slower goods service trying to leave the same area (or even enter the area)


    Not fully related to the topic title

    Track speeds Is there a way to have different track speeds I no with a curve and switches it automaticly issues a speed reduction but what about setting a full section at a set speed EG a small goods yard you might not want a train entering at 120km so you speed restrict to 80km without having lots of ugly curves

    Train Paths/timetables

    Is it possible to allow multiple paths for a train EG a quad track main line train A could pick line 1 or line 2 depending on congestion ether that or a timetable feature that allows us to manage train departures better to try and stop bottlenecks in our network

    Adjustable game speed

    at the moment the years in game go very quick (not that it is a bad thing) is it possible to have a option to ajust the time between days so we can have a faster day if we want or a slower one for a even more relaxed play

    20 min rule

    I do like this feature in some cases but it makes you focus to much on speed everything has to be fast and that is not always the case in real life goods trains are generally slower than a passenger servers (depending if it is a local service or an intercity service) so is there a way for you to adjust the rule for goods (or an option for us to adjust) so that they are not so time critical

    I am sure I will think of more things as time goes no but just a few things I wanted to ask for now



    Thank you for your input and for sharing your ideas! I like the idea of the “slowing signal”, I will make sure it gets on the suggestions list!

    About the other requests, they were named a couple of times by other players and we are taking some of them into consideration for introducing it into the game with a patch.



    Thank you for the reply tom

    Are you able to are you able to give us more information regarding what suggestion are being considered for future updates maybe a new topic so we have a better idea where this game is going in the future ?


    I think it would be highly beneficial to both the devs and community if we actually had a stickied thread about what suggestions and ideas are under consideration, and declined, and even if they’re currently being implemented/tested.

    That might slow the tide of repeated requests for the same thing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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