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    Is there any way I can place signals on bridges or in tunnels?  At the moment I have a very long double track  tunnel through a mountain and only one train in each direction can pass through it at a time, if there is already a train in the tunnel then the next train just waits at the signal outside the portal until the train in the tunnel has exited it.  This is causing all my trains to bunch up outside the tunnel and it is a real bottleneck on my network.  Other than demolishing the tunnel and digging a massive expensive cutting (like $200m for the cutting! vs about $3m for the tunnel), is there anyway I can place signals in the tunnel or solve my problem any other way?  I used to have a long viaduct too but due to the same problem I demolished it and replaced most of it with an embankment, it would be really nice if I could place signals on a viaduct.


    ok, to try and resolve the problem with this tunnel, I built two more tunnels (so there are now two tunnels in each direction), however I have tried various signaling layouts and I can’t seem to get seem to get the trains to use the new tunnels, if there is already a train in one of the two tunnels in a given direction, the second train will not enter either tunnel and will just wait at the portal.  Is there anyway to get the trains to use the other parallel tunnel if the first one is in use??  Many thanks, lee.



    Trains stick to the line path, which is assigned when you create the line.
    So when you build 2 tunnels for one direction, the trains will stick to the tunnel, the line goes through.


    That’s a big negative – No signals on either at the moment. try to keep them short.


    Hopefully when WP come into place the lines will be able to be modified as need be if you lay different track or want to adjust the route.

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    Any hope for the near future? Quite annoying. From 2 Million to 10…


    You can get them to use both tunnels by adding each station again. They should choose an unused track for each “lap” but if not then use waypoints too.

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