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    The first issue is that if you have a single vehicle on a line that ia producing such as cargo, the second the train leaves the station (cargo) stops sending the goods to it and starts sending goods via roads even though the vehicle will be back eventually and still can pick up good quickly and deliver them with the time-frame provided… I would need to send the vehicle back to the depot and back to the line to reset the line? Thats kinda a bug imho…

    Another thing is if you have 2-3 trucks per line even on large cargo vehicle depot the trucks jam up and wont allow other trucks from other lines to pass and pick up or drop off goods… We either need larger depots with better pathing, or ability to set “signals” for trucks to wait outside the station and ability to by pass other trucks on the road such as larger county roads lets say with multiple lanes for passing in order to not jam up cargo vehicle lines…


    Anyone know if there will be a new cargo station? Atm I just stick to 1 station per line to avoid the bugs of stuck trucks…


    I’ve not had this personally but I think a good idea would be to have a large truck station with a waiting area that has x amount of lanes, then once there are enough units waiting at the to fill a truck it gets called to the loading area, loads and goes on its way. This would keep the trucks off the road, and any trucks that need to unload can go straight into the station, unload and leave again


    I am playing on hard mode, and testing out cargo.

    I see the following:

    Small stations: up to 18 cargo with 2 lanes.

    Large stations up to 14 cargo with 4 lanes. <- Feels wrong when small station hold more than large…

    I think it needs to be fixed and the stations need to be made larger for better pathing where 3 trucks wont cause everything to grind to a halt.

    Small stations should hold up to 20 Cargo with larger ones 30-40 Cargo…

    Have yet to find a good way to deal with passengers on hard mode and 1950 start :).


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    I actually have another problem that solved the trucks getting stuck problem. If I set vehicles to wait for load frequency increases too much and cargo starts to go by themselves. So in my current game I didn’t set anything to full load… (I don’t like this logic but hey, it works for now).


    keep the full-load function.

    2 things that helped me

    1) connect the station to a 4 lane road

    2) build more than one station and group them.

    Had 1 delivery and 3 pick-up lines one 3 stations and worked fine


    the problem with full load is that it can kill the time the system thinks it takes for the truck to make the loop in a line… which is sad.

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