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    I cannot position the station, because it keeps snaping to the road nearby ( city road which cannot be removed).


    The radius on it is ridiculously massive. It needs to have a toggle or smaller radius.

    Just add it to the pile of more brokenness.



    Any road can be removed if you demolish the buildings on that segment of road first.


    yep, but to do so may cost millions.  Some way to turn off snap to road would be nice.  But what I do when trying to place a station is to build a little bit of road first and then attach the station to it

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    Just be aware, destroying a building in a city is not cheap.  The bigger the building, the bigger the cost.


    There needs to be an option like press ctrl to turn off snapping.


    Try placing the stationn further from the “old” town. Then build a grid of biggest roads with empty blocks, the game will populating these emty blocks anyway as the town grows. So you get a grid of roads that look like New York instead of some small english village. By placing roads yourself you are sculpting the future look of the city.

    The game is so proud that it can have curved roads the automaktic system makes a lot of them and dont seem to build big avenues.

    So do it yourself.

    And you need to prepare the are with the terrain modeling tools and create flat area. IRL station seldome have any incline it is usually 0%.

    Also when you drag lines you see the game carving into the terrain or putting a lot of sand under the tracks and that is because IRL 3% incline is considered steep. Any steeper then that you usually use helper locomotives that need to be attached before the climb if the climmb is steeper then 3%.



    Even worse part is the station snaps to the road even that position is invalid (collision to building). I found a work around to somewhat influence that, by extending the road little (took me lots of exit and load games) and then snapping the station.

    But @stubblychin is right, there need to be an option of pressing ctrl and then move freely around just like Visual basic had for its controls



    Dev Team! Please allow the option to disable snapping

    Its really important



    +1  Snapping is a big aggressive.

    Would be nice to be able to hold down ‘Ctrl’ or ‘Alt’ and disable it during a particular placement.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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