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    yeah yet a other thread from me

    but i also got big hopes for this game since
    games like rollercoaster tycoon, simcity, and transport tycoon have not got any love at all (not even from the dev.) in a long time

    last good transport tycoon was Locomotion
    last good Simcity like game was “4”
    and last good rollercoaster tycoon was “2” (the “3” was kinda wierd and did not feel like rollercoaster tycoon)
    and this game looks like its the first “good” one in ages to be as good as transport tycoon(if not better)

    but here is what i think(maybe some more) this game needs and what i can see from videos the game does not have (yet)

    maybe some of it is already in the beta but i dont know if it is:

    -a Big Train Station that can work like a Central Train station on like the biggest city you have on a map
    that train station can be a bus/Tram & Train station in 1
    and maybe also a cargo version of it too

    a train&truck station in 1

    -Mutli type Stations: cargo/passenger in 1 only for trains (can be used mainly for small towns) where you can set like platform 1&2 is passenger and platform 3 is cargo and this kind of station should also cost more then a normal one

    -Mutli Lines can use 1 Platform on a Stations trains and road vehicles(not sure if that is possible already)
    since as i can see it if only have a train station with 2 platforms it looks like you can only have 2 lines to that station and same with bus/truck stations

    -Track can cross over other tracks

    -Maybe as a mod or DLC or even just a update:
    Subway for Big citys or can use trams as Subway too

    -able to build Highways/one way roads

    -Ships & Planes: please do not make it like in locomotion where the planes basely crashes all the time and maybe even a option to no crashes at all (even if on hard mode)

    -Coop . : multiplayer(dont mind if it is only LAN multiplayer)
    where you can play Co-op as in 2 players or more controlling 1 or more transport empire

    or 2 players or more controlls more then 1 transport empire like one is building bus/truck lines and a other trains and a other planes/ships

    -a 3way train track switch (that open up for more possible setups for train track layouts+ these is not unrealistic since these exist in real life)

    -Map editor:
    if some danish trains&Stuff is coming as mods  i will like to make denmark or parts of it in this game XD

    and im sure other ppl feel the same way

    -Super friendly mod support&tools:

    easy to make mods(atleast for people who know to make 3d models) and Mods more then just adding vehicles but mods like adding 3way train track switch or adding a new kind of track or even transport like add or add new facotrys and so on so we can have more kind of cargo and ships&planes or adding co-op and basely most of this i have listed so modding is really open but still not so much open so the game become a open source but maybe as much or close open as like garrys mod/minecraft is with modding





    bumping this one

    since i hoping some of this stuff will get in to the game (or already is)
    or made as  mods

    also a new idea:
    -Station buildings will be random between some 3d models of them (made by the dev./modders) or can choose to choose one of the buildings

    aswell as colours(textures) so stations(mainly for trains both cargo&passenger  and if multi type and if a Central Train station for big cities but nice for buses&trams/trucks too) will not look the same on each town/city
    this idea is mainly for the looks to the game and does not change the gameplay but will be new to have it

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    Phew! mariodk. Slow down a bit, maybe some of these suggestions are in the pipeline for future updates. Let’s just see how everyone views the game after release, about what can be done with it. Personally, I like it’s simplicity as it is for now, before jumping in with massive stations and interchange facilities. Sometimes games like these can get too complicated to enjoy. That’s why I’m glad, that on the financial side of the game, there is no Stock Market and buying and selling shares incorporated into it. If it does go down that route in future releases, then I don’t think I will be upgrading. I like the way it operates at the moment, without it being too over the top.

    I think I will be playing a lot in the early period, 1850 to 1950 for most of the time, because I enjoy this particular time scale, rather than the hectic bustle of the twenty first century. But that reflects my age, as I grew up during the 1950’s. Us old ones prefer the nostalgia and slower pace of life I suppose.


    You can already make 3 track rails – The snap on tool just adds another line of track next to th eexisting one.


    i meant 3 way track switch
    so the train can do 3 directions like this:
    ut nice to know you can build many tracks like on that train bridge too


    Personally what I hope to be add is additional station designs for more variety like a simple rural station to a grand city terminal (which I assume will happen in the future). I’d also like ways to influence the cities and towns a little more like maybe we could invest money to have things built in towns like universities, theaters, sports arenas, etc.

    I’m just shooting out ideas, what do you guys think?


    ^^^+1. I really wish devs would improve train station looks. Right now they look like some big house with a bunch of railroad tracks running in the back yard. I never saw a station like that in the real life.

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