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    There are lots of good threads detailing big improvements people would like to see, but here’s a few suggestions for smaller tweaks that hopefully would be easier for the developers to implement:

    1. Add white outline around cursor. A medium blue cursor on medium green grass = a lost cursor.
    2. Option to turn off object highlighting. It’s annoying when you’re taking a virtual train trip on your most recently built route and all the buildings are flashing on and off. Maybe just change the cursor shape when it is hovering over a selectable object, e.g. an arrow plus a gear shape.
    3. “Spray” trees on terrain. Some locations in my games would have produced lovely screenshots, if only they weren’t quite so barren. With a terrain tool to “spray” random trees in an area, I could have framed them nicely. Maybe three sizes of spray pattern, like the other terrain tools?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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