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    Maicom MR

    Hello all.

    I’m making a list of south american locomotives and specifications to create a mod pack with this machines.

    I’m currently working on a locomotive called EMD B-12
    Real Image
    Model (W.I.P)

    >>>  Help me on list of locomotives on this link:

    Thanks to all !
    All help are welcome !

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    Not bad at all, I can’t wait to see your pack when it’s done! ^_^

    Maicom MR

    Actual state of GMD B12 Model… [Waiting for TranFever model conversion and scripting]

    Maicom MR

    I’m working in a road vehicles too, help me to make a complete list of South American Vehicles HERE.
    First bus… CMA Dinossauro.

    Maicom MR

    1. CMA Dinossauro

    2. Marcopolo GV 1150

    3. Marcopolo G7

    4. Marcopolo G7 DD (Double Deck)


    Next wave:

    • Volare W9 (Mini-Bus)
    • Kombi (Passenger Version)
    • Kombi (Cargo Version)
    • Feneme Truck
    • Scania 111
    • Mercedes 1313 Truck
    • Scania 113
    • Volkswagen Titan

    I’m modeling with few polygons not to get too heavy when implemented in the game.Any suggestions? Comment!

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    Wow! looks very nice :D. I will certainly add this to my game 🙂


    Maicom MR

    First vehicle test… have a lot of work on my way 🙂


    10 min later…

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    Maicom MR

    5 Models ready to BETA Release, I plan to create 5 more to put to download the BETA.


    Image on full size HERE.

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    the buses look great  how soon will they be ready  for the game


    Eu moro em Araraquara/SP onde passa a malha paulista e nunca vi essa locomotiva da ALL, Só as mais novas.

    Maicom MR

    Olá @CanelaBR-Gamer, esse modelo de locomotiva não opera mais, porém a intenção é fazer um mod pack com vários trens, vindo desde os mais antigos até os que operam atualmente. Eu parei de fazer os trens e comecei a criar os ônibus, por serem um processo mais rápido e então para eu testar a aprovação do mod.


    [ENG] Hello @ CanelaBR-Gamer, this model of locomotive no longer operates in Brazil, but the intention is to make a mod pack with several trains coming from the oldest to the currently operating. I stopped doing the trains and the buses started to create, to be a faster and then I test for the approval of the mod process.


    That is very nice. I’m also brazilian. Looking forward to this pack!

    Maicom MR

    I’m preparing one final render of all Inter-City buses, I intend to launch a beta along with the video.



    Look at this small sample …


    Looks very nice. I already have a big set of trucks. So buses will be great!

    Maicom MR

    How neat Douglas, you have the link of your mod? I wanted to see because I was thinking of making a package trucks after this bus: D

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