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    I have a line which goes uphill and train speed drops to around 25 km/h  … then I added another locomotive, but I gained just around 5 km/h … what experience you have with more than one engine usage?  I tried this with steam locomotives. Is there any difference if you have two in the front or one int the fron and other in the back ?



    I think that you want to look at Track Effort, or whatever its called in game. The higher the number, the better that train is at gripping the track and thus better for slopes and acceleration.


    If you have a light train adding a heavy locomotive will make very little difference. Having the best possible power per weight gives more speed uphill, the best thing is ofcause building it flatter


    Check out the guides to better understand the difference between traction and power.

    By the way, having two locos is called “double-heading”. Whilst I’m on the subject of railway terminology, they’re “signals” not “traffic lights”, and “points” (UK) or “switches” (US) forming “junctions”, not “intersections”…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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