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    Hey all,

    Loving the game so far, but there’s a few quirks I can’t get around.
    On this one map I’m playing, I have a central station that’s the core of my network. However, as I’m new to the game, I didn’t immediately go for the 5 track, 360m option, but opted for a smaller 2 track 160m station. Now that there’s 5 lines running through that station and I’ve got 40m in the bank, I figured I’d tear a small part of the city up and upgrade the station in the ‘rip and repair’ way we have to work with. The problem is that every time I try to destroy that station, the game crashes back to my desktop.

    Any ideas as to why this is happening? It isn’t doing it when I delete a fringe station, nor a station on a parallel line.
    Suggestions are appreciated!

    Oh, on another note: How does one change their avatar on this forum? I’d like to represent my national railway company!

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    Well I can’t tell you why it’s crashing but maybe a solution would be to add another station (single line and small) next to where you want to upgrade your existing one. Not so close that it will interfere with your rebuild mind you. Once built group the original station with this new station so they maintain the same name and are part of the same line. Then remove the old one and rebuild it. Regroup it then remove the small temporary station.

    I’ve done this to keep production from ceasing/being disrupted when it thinks the line is no longer there. I always PAUSE while doing this type of activity.

    Maybe it’s the line being fully disrupted causing the crash.


    I also have fatal experiences with station upgrades; program crashes with exit to desktop. I seem able to delete the old station, but once I place the newer, longer and wider station, the game exits without any further notice.

    I really would like to see the possibility to upgrade a station without having to delete the old one. For the moment replacing stations do not work, and building the large stations from the start is financial suicide. So, large station are bit useless for the moment… a menu filler. (just my experience. And, I LOVE the game!)

    And just another gadget about station upgrade would be to be able to add extra services to a train station, like a parking/garage (to convince automobile drivers to take the train), waiting rooms with snack shops (to increase the 20-minute travel limit), small repair service (to reduce the station costs), Annex bus/tram station with bus/tram platforms (to promote easy and fast transit),…

    But that is all secondary. First I like to see the crashes fixed. 😉

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